Being Plagiarized=Weird

A few minutes ago, I checked to see if any comments had come in on my blog in the night. There was one pingback from a site I had never been to before, The pingback was a link to the mediocre Rosh Hashanah dinner. Interesting, I thought. I will click and see what they had to say.

But it turned out to be an exact, and uncredited, copy of my post from yesterday, the one about punctuation haiku (in which I linked to the Rosh Hashanah post).

My plagiarized post on punctuation haiku

This is bizarre for several reasons:

  1. Punctuation haiku is probably not that interesting to most people.
  2. The three lines of each haiku are all displayed on the same line. If you’re going to plagiarize haiku, format them correctly. Plagiarism 101.
  3. The image seems to be of an actual Japanese haiku, which makes me think that a human being, not some kind of plagiarism-bot, made the decision to take my work without asking. If he or she would have removed the link that I included to a separate blog entry, I would never have known.
  4. Should I feel flattered?
  5. No. I am a freelancer; my words are how I make my living.
  6. Is this normal?
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One Response to Being Plagiarized=Weird

  1. Roya says:

    #5 is correct… But I think, unfortunately, so is #6. I’d suggest tacking a disclaimer onto your blogposts. Something not obnoxious, so as to remain somewhat discrete, but along the lines of ‘blah blah creative copyright blah do not reproduce without permission blah blah pain of death blah monkeys’.
    Perhaps you should look up terminology that’s appropriate. Though I know for a fact that the monkeys bit should stay in.

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