Why I Work From Home

Fall is coming early to NYC

Fall is coming early to NYC

Today, I’m not working from home.

Today, I have two work sessions/meetings 50 miles apart from each other in two different states. I will spend even less of my day at home than on most days of the old job.

This is fantastic news!

  1. It means I will be able to afford more salad ingredients very soon.
  2. It’s an indication that this whole freelance thing is maybe kind of working out.
  3. I will get to spend my time collaborating with passionate people on vastly different projects. (This was always my fantasy.)

At my last job, I sat in an office without windows and without doors. Now, even though I plan on working really hard all day long, I will get to see this beautiful day from many vantage points, including southern New England from the window of a commuter rail. One more added bonus.

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