The Pickle-tini

I’m hardly a lush, but I do enjoy a strong beverage from time to time. I usually go for a small glass of bourbon. With ice. (I know, I know.) But we recently ran out of bourbon, so I invented a delicious and bracing substitute to imbibe after these long days of running all over the tri-state area and surviving hard-core urban tornadoes. “Invent” is probably too strong a word, but this is the first I’ve heard of it, so I’ll just continue pretending it’s original to me.

Pickle Martini

I love a dirty gin martini, but we are also out of olives (clearly we need to go shopping). The only thing we seem to be stocked up on are mostly empty jars of pickles. And then there was a bottle of Hendricks gin in the freezer. The Hendricks people maintain that it tastes best with cucumbers, so the combination, though born of necessity, didn’t seem like much of a leap.

I used

  • Two parts Hendricks
  • One part McClure’s Spicy pickle juice (I like mine very dirty)
  • Four drops dry vermouth (you know, give or take)
  • Garnish with a pickle slice or, in my case, a slice of the hot pepper that made the pickles spicy

I keep my gin in the freezer, so I  just mix everything in a jar and drink.

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