Why I Work From Home

I was supposed to go to Connecticut today. When that got canceled, I thought, “Yaaay. Now I have way more time to work!”

In one way that’s nice because it signifies that I enjoy what I’m doing. But then there’s the obvious way in which it’s crazy.

I didn’t realize how nutty I was being until I read this quote that Gwen Bell posted today:

If we can live even one moment completely and fully, right now, one complete moment of presence, openness and trust, we will have lived completely. Life is not about how long we live, or merely about what we ‘do’—it’s about how fully we live, how deeply we are touched by our world. If I would recommend anything, it would be, ‘Take death to heart.’

Denise Thornton

I don’t know who Denise Thornton is, but what a perfect thing for an autumn day, one in which Chileans who haven’t seen the light of day for months are being reunited with their families.

So I went to the graveyard, natch.

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2 Responses to Why I Work From Home

  1. Gwen Bell says:

    Rebecca, hi.

    A bit more about Denise: http://chronicleproject.com/denise_thornton/denise.html

    And, welcome to #reverb & the end of your year.

  2. Gwen, thank you so much. Denise was obviously a singular person. The fact that her words could affect me so much nearly two years after her passing is just more evidence of this.

    Thank you, thank you so much for reading and posting! And, of course, I’m very excited for December 1.

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