I Had to Watch the Worst Movie Ever

One of the several amazingly fun projects I’m working on these days is reviewing movies for a site that is still in development. At the beginning, when I didn’t have many other clients, I would see around two movies per day. I’ve had to cut back now, for obvious reasons. But having to go watch new movies in order to get paid isn’t such a bad thing to have hanging over your (actually, my) head.

There have been a bunch of delightful surprises and I’ve seen lots of movies I would never have seen otherwise. And there have been a few that have sucked the light out of the day and generally made the world a worse place to be in.

I saw one that falls into this category recently. It’s Walt Disney’s latest animated feature, Tangled. (Perhaps the picture clued you in.)

When I was in journalism school, I took a class called “Understanding Disney.” It fulfilled some kind of journalism requirement. Much of the class was bullshit, seriously lacking in academic rigor. But the required reading was fantastic. The many books and articles I read for that class taught me that Disney is the soul-sapping scourge of American art and culture and, especially, women.

By no means has this been my experience with every Disney movie (I love The Rescuers and 101 Dalmatians, for example; but then, they star animals), but it all came flooding back as I watched Tangled.

There they were–all of the hallmarks of a classic Disney:

  • anorexic, downtrodden princess
  • evil, female villain
  • only Caucasian humans
  • absent parents
  • breaking into song for no reason
  • prince who rescues the princess
  • true love, happily ever after

I know that scholars will write much more eloquently about the social ramifications of this piece of animated turd, but I spent much less time writing mine. You can read it here. (I wrote all of the other reviews on the site as well. As I said, the design is in progress.)

Oh yeah, I couldn’t be more excited that Reverb10 begins tomorrow! You still have a day to sign up; DO IT.

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