Soul Food

December 26 – What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul? (Author: Elise Marie Collins)

Collards and an egg at Pine State Biscuit Company

Obviously I am a big fan of food and writing about it. I’ve had many delicious meals in 2010, at home, at other people’s homes, in front of street carts and in restaurants. Standouts include the exotic vegetarian tasting menu at Tabla, tacos at La Superior, corn pudding at Oceana, the spiciest salad ever created at Pok Pok, a biscuit with collards and an egg at Pine State Biscuit Company, the entire dinner I ate at Greens in San Francisco.

We recently treated ourselves to an industrial strength blender. RZ decided that we should make some hearty veggie juice to test its capacity. We put a raw beet, an apple, a carrot, some ginger, parsley and a little water in that thing and let it go crazy. In a few minutes we had glasses of ruby red veggie pulp. And a few minutes after that, I felt a wave of minor euphoria wash over me as my cells began to absorb some much-need vitamins and minerals. (In the wintertime, even I have trouble eating enough veggies.) This was one of the most simple things I ate in 2010, but definitely one of the most satisfying, especially on a cold, dark winter day. And I had fun taking pictures of our dirty glasses.

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