Get Your VD On

This was mysteriously on a fence in Tompkins Square Park.

I don’t know how you feel about February 14, but chances are you fall into one of two camps–those who love and those who hate. I’ve never been a fan, possibly because my birthday falls two days before, on a day much more worthy of mass celebration. Also, it makes a lot of people feel extra lonely during a particularly lonely time of year. And even non-lonely people often find it disappointing, to say the least. Plus, it puts high expectations on dudes, a group of people notorious for buckling under pressure (jk?).

Still, I don’t harbor hard-core animosity toward VD, again probably because my birthday is two days before. Plus, I have the good fortune to be married to a person who was born only nine days after me. So celebrating it would be overkill to the point of being really irritating. I’m just not that creative.

I don’t begrudge other people’s desire to be disgusting in public places.

VD took on a whole new meaning for me three years ago today when, I’m not even joking, my moms-in-law got a heart transplant.

RZ went into work to find a chocolate heart that his boss had thoughtfully put on everyone’s desk. Two seconds later, his step-father called to say that RZ’s mom was in surgery, getting a brand-new ticker. We had been expecting this eventuality for some time; but you just never know when/if a transplant will come through. And Valentine’s Day for a heart? It was like Oprah used her superpowers.

So maybe, if you’ve been putting it off or whatever, today would be a good time to fill out that form, talk to your fam and register to be an organ donor. You have literally nothing to lose.

On a less weighty note, I’ve compiled the best VD playlist ever.

The different types of love that are represented in the playlist

Whether you are in love, wish you were, just want somebody to hook up with, have had your heart broken, are currently stalking somebody or are 15, there’s something here for you. We’ve got some Australians, Canadians (lots), Hot-lantans, Portlandians, a lady from New Jersey and a dude from Staten Island. There’s even somebody from Texas. Most of the songs are very recent; some a couple of years old. Not to worry: There is nothing by Frank Sinatra, Al Green or anybody my mom has ever heard of.

Please enjoy. Um, NSFW?

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One Response to Get Your VD On

  1. Valerie says:

    Eff YEAH. You kick off a VDay playlist with Grinderman?? I knew there was a reason we were friends!

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