Destroyer, Webster Hall, 3 Apr. 11

We saw Destroyer last night.

It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

I almost didn’t take my camera. Photographing shows used to be my jam; it wouldn’t even occur to me to see live music without taking the Nikon D40 and a lens or two. But that’s when I was reviewing a lot of shows for Ear Farm. It was really fun, but I did get burned out on it after a while. And then it can be dicey dealing with large bouncers who may or may not care about the presence of a medium-sized SLR camera rolled up in a sweater in my bag. That said, my favorite shows of all time have been ones that I’ve taken pictures of.

I’m really happy I decided to take my camera last night. These aren’t my best ever, but after a few weeks of ovaries-out productivity, I needed a dose of just-because creativity.

RZ and I were talking about the annoying people at shows who sing (loudly) along to every word. We agreed that they are probably not being irritating on purpose, that it’s just their way of being included in what’s going on. As a musician, RZ feels really involved just by watching and listening since he understands music in a way that most of us don’t. For me, it’s taking pictures.

I have seen Destroyer at least four times in the past five or six or seven years. Each time is better and better. The last time was on July 30, 2009; I know this because I wrote about it. But that Dan Bejar acoustic solo show in no way compares to the eight-piece ensemble that I saw last night.

I didn’t even let the verminous little piss bags talking about their class schedules in the middle of The Best Song Ever get me down. A few months ago, I wrote at length about my love for Destroyer and their new album, Kaputt. And to be honest, I just wrote five movie reviews and two articles about autism. So my brain feels like tapioca. Tapioca that needs some whiskey.

I’ll let my photos do the talking.

Dan Bejar

Dan and saxophone

This kid totally went to band camp

Part of Destroyer

The trumpet--such an important part of Kaputt

It's necessary to click on the link and listen to The Best Song Ever (see above) to truly appreciate the radness of this photo

This picture was the result of a disagreement between me and my camera on the precise meaning of "auto focus"; but I kind of like it anyway

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3 Responses to Destroyer, Webster Hall, 3 Apr. 11

  1. Wow… that song kinda takes you on a little journey, starting with that ethereal tune in for the first minute and 45 secs, then it turns into something else, and then something else again! Pretty sweet. I don’t know how to critique music– I listen to anything that’s good, and I like this. Thanks for posting Becca! And LOL at “Tapioca that needs some whiskey.”

  2. Robin Ziari says:

    I love the fuzzy photo… I think that’s how we all looked to Dan too (at least by the end of the show/his beverage lineup).

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