Unrelated: Buying a packet of seeds and sprouting them is a lot cheaper and more gratifying than buying sprouts at the store. These are radish.

Back on December 13, I vowed to finish my thesis in 2011. I started doing that today. Why am I making the ill-advised decision to put this on the Internet? So that I will be shamed into completing it. Probably you are not interested in the topic, but probably I will post it  here when it’s done anyway. In sections. Because I think it’s important. My undergraduate thesis was about the disintegration of the Central Soviet Press in the USSR. It was interesting to write, but not very relevant, as the Soviet Union had ceased to exist a good 12 years prior to my thesis.

This one is about something that is happening right now.

In order to cope with the inevitable emotional breakdowns that accompany this kind of thing, I plan on sticking to a rigorous regimen of elliptical machine, bourbon and Bossypants. I hope to shower on a regular basis too.

I don’t think I’ll post anymore thesis updates until it’s done. Mostly because hearing about the progress of somebody else’s thesis is exactly as exciting as hearing about somebody else’s insomnia or, conversely, wacky dreams. You (as in I) are the only one who cares about these things.

And yet, because I care so intensely about the progress of my thesis, I’ll take my updates to Twitter. See the title.

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5 Responses to #thesiswatch2011

  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t know if you would be interested in something like this, but I am doing Health Month: http://www.healthmonth.com
    You set rules and then you follow them (or not) and you get points (or not). You can be on teams and stuff. It’s kind of fun. Of course, I’ve only just finished the first week, so we’ll see if I still think it’s fun by the end of the month … it all starts over again every month.

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh PS they don’t have to be rules about health. They can be about anything you’d like to do anywhere between 1 and 7 times a week. Like “Write for one hour once a week” or “write 1000 words twice a week” or whatever.

  3. Cool! Thanks Lauren!

  4. Evgenia Fkiaras says:

    I care! I care! And by the way, you forgot to mention what this relevant-to-today topic is that you are writing about.

  5. I didn’t forget; it’s a *surprise.*

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