Why I Work From Home: 11 a.m. Brunch. On a Weekday.

Courtesy of RZ

Since we moved, RZ and I have both been working from home. Fortunately, our new digs are big enough that we can go for several hours without hearing or seeing each other, especially if a record is drowning out typing noises. (An impressive record collection is included in the price of our rent.)

RZ is a really good cook, and breakfast is kind of his specialty. And now he can extend that to weekdays! Hooray!

This scramble included veggie chorizo, onions, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro. With some avocado on the side. I didn’t really eat again till the next day.

The mug in the background commemorates the fact that I managed to make it to work during the three days of the 2005 New York City transit strike (via bicycle in December). It’s a reminder of a drastically different time in my life.

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