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If you have

  • a fantastic idea for a book, but are too scared to write it (because English is not your first language, you once flunked a spelling test, your job depresses you, you have small children, your mom said you would never amount to anything, etc.);
  • already written a book, but are met with depressing, not-so-nice letters from publishers and agents (or the sound of crickets);
  • a small press that needs to outsource some copyediting in a hurry;
  • a new business or non-profit that could change life as we know it, but it really needs a well-maintained blog/website/online marketing strategy;
  • no time to write an article for a journal or trade publication, the one that is due…yesterday;
  • or a body of knowledge in your brain that needs to be shared with the world

chances are I can help you out.

Email me and I promise I’ll get back to you before the day is out: rebecca(dot)r(dot)wilson(at)gmail(dot)com

I cannot imagine having written both of my books without Rebecca’s help. It was not only her mastery of grammar and writing that made the difference, but her commitment, keen insight, understanding of the market and caring presence that made the long journey of giving birth to books so much easier. I can recommend her to anyone writing something….whether a complicated book about the brain, an autobiography, a website message or a professional letter. The reason: She did that all for me with the highest skill and enthusiasm. You will do yourself the biggest of favors having Rebecca on your side.

Pierre van der Spuy, MD, MBA, author of A Happy Human Brain

Writing my first book was the equivalent of raising a child. And let’s face it, parents make mistakes. Rebecca Wilson was my Mary Poppins, a gift from the sky who ensured that my child always took the proper tone, had a clear voice and read well. She suggests edits with great thought and understanding of the project. I honestly think she’s the smartest editor I know, and is the only person I trust to make sure my babies are mature and ready to greet the world.

Mark Jason Williams, playwright, memoirist and author of the award-winning play Recovery

When I decided to leave law firm life and look for a new job, the first person I thought of to help me was Rebecca. She edited resumes and cover letters, and she answered a steady stream of grammar questions as I tweaked my material for each application. Accurate, efficient and available, Rebecca became my security blanket. With her help, I was able to create the crucial first impression I needed and landed a great job. I highly recommend Rebecca’s work.

— Evgenia Fkiaras, JD, Senior Corporate Legal Counsel

I had the pleasure of working closely with Rebecca over the past two years. Our collaboration on many articles for autism publications and our website was highly productive. Rebecca made it possible for the science of autism to be presented in a clear and accessible way and her style of writing seemed to invite people to read and enjoy.

Charles Cartwright, MD, psychiatrist and director of the YAI Autism Center

Rebecca offers a fresh perspective in the editing process. Not only did she proofread my manuscript, she also took special care regarding issues of continuity and versimillitude. Professional and timely, through and through. Highly recommended.

Eric Nelson, fiction writer, author of The Silk City Series

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